The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Marguerite Southwell


Marguerite Southwell is a Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach. As a Coach  Marguerite aligns herself with Herbalife Nutrition to provide the best 100% natural nutrition programs in the world to a wide range of clients. From weight management, Energy and Health, to Sports Nutrition and Lifestyle income, they do it all.

She sets up new divisions locally, nationally and internationally to share the benefits of great nutrition and to build a future Royalty based income. Living in New Zealand in this role, Marguerite brings a genuine passion for assisting others as well as unmatched access to the top nutritionists and scientific resources  and doctors in nutrition globally.

Before she started on her Herbalife Journey to bring about healthier aging, she suffered with a lot of pain and discomfort. She has always been physically active but after a sports injury at 18 years old she developed osteoarthritis, and her body was not allowing her the lifestyle she wanted. Having a healthy food plan was not enough. She was introduced to Herbalife Nutrition 8 years ago. The cellular nutrition program changed everything. As she was getting older her body got healthier, and she no longer has the pain and discomfort. She is able to continue the healthy active lifestyle she enjoys.

Along with using her inner nutrition program she also uses the Herbalife skincare program. As the years have advanced her skin looks better now at 61 years old than ever before. 100% Natural skin nutrition program has been fantastic. Her skin has changed considerably. It is healthier with ageing lines reduced and the texture healthier as well.

Moving forward, Marguerite hopes to continue growing her clientele and to help others in Health and lifestyle and build along with likeminded people a Royalty based income, sharing the benefits of Healthy ageing from the early teens onwards. She plans to network internationally with others who want health, wellness, and a secure a financial future and a healthy active lifestyle.

When not engaged with work, Marguerite enjoys traveling, reading, gardening, tramping, and spending lots of time with family. Also a passionate philanthropist, she works to raise money for around 150 Herbalife CASA programs for underprivileged children throughout the world owned and funded by Herbalife Nutrition and funded by members. Find out more by visiting, or contact Marguerite at

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