ISFP Press Releases

It’s important that our members are heard. When new members are inducted in The International Society Of Female Professionals, or current members have a news announcement, our team distributes their message across the internet.

Through our vast network of media partners and secondary channels, we’re able to garner maximum exposure for each press release that is distributed.

Our team of content specialists write customized releases with a keen eye for SEO friendly copy. This way, member press releases rank highly across all search engines. Furthermore, we offer a myriad of targeting options, this way members can select that exact demographic who will see their release.

Member Press Releases

B. Marcela Arias de Dardón is a Master Tax Consultant and Director of Dardón Arias y Asociados, CPA. With more than 20 years of experience in her field, she has developed financial, operational and fiscal audits. She is seasoned in internal control and application control procedures, and has provided advice on trusts and carried […]

Vanessa Mchardy has over 18 years of experience in her field of child and adolescent psychotherapy. As Director of Light Education Training, she develops educational programs and teaches and tutors students. She is a member of the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy and was recipient of the Time to Talk Mental Health Award in […]

Maria Amaya is Online Deposit Director of GM Financial, where she specializes in digital finance solutions. Inspired to enter the profession by her father, who was an entrepreneur in Colombia, she is passionate for new challenges and for working in initiatives that involved major transformations. She has led multiple projects in the market and […]

Malene Hansen is the Cosmetic Designer at Conscious Cosmetics Malene Rosenberg Hansen. With 14 years of experience as a formulator, she is highly knowledgeable about natural and luxury beauty products. Malene and her work have been featured in British Vogue, various prints and online media.   Specialized in small-batch artisanal skincare, and makeup, Malene […]

With over 15 years of professional experience, where she is known for her expertise in sales management and business growth.   Modbar is the original undercounter brewing manufacturer, creating beautiful machines that open up the bar area and increase hospitality.   The core of the DNA at Modbar is their brand promise: To be […]