ISFP Press Releases

It’s important that our members are heard. When new members are inducted in The Worldwide Association Of Female Professionals, or current members have a news announcement, our team distributes their message across the internet.

Through our vast network of media partners and secondary channels, we’re able to garner maximum exposure for each press release that is distributed.

Our team of content specialists write customized releases with a keen eye for SEO friendly copy. This way, member press releases rank highly across all search engines. Furthermore, we offer a myriad of targeting options, this way members can select that exact demographic who will see their release.

Member Press Releases

Trudy Blackman-Moore has over 14 years of experience in her field. As founder and Managing Director of Diverse Events Management Services, she oversees special events, weddings, skill sharing workshops, employee welfare workshops for companies as well as her signature Press Reboot event. She is highly skilled in corporate communications, marketing and is also a […]

With over 25 years of professional experience, Irna Van Staden is the Finance and Procurement Manager at Emesco Holdings (Pty) Ltd, where she is responsible for sourcing equipment for setting up solar plants and conducting financing for projects and the company. To this role, Irna brings unmatched expertise in project analysis and accuracy. Irna […]

Luciana Pires has been working for Employer (Brazilian H.R Company) over 14 years. Known for her dedication and her expertise in H.R consulting and networking. Her responsibility is to manage and lead a team. Improving the best of them and achieving substantial’s financial results. Besides that she coordinates a group of volunteers to work […]

Arabella Gonzales Netto is already an accomplished and distinguished corporate and financial lawyer in Lima. She has been practicing law for over 10 years and has acted as the legal adviser for various corporate entities as an external advisor or in-house lawyer. She is currently the General Counsel of MIGIVA Group, an important group […]

Dr. Karen A. Roopnarine has over 14 years of experience in her field. As an Economist with the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, she handles all research, forecasting, and analysis for serial publications concerning Trinidad and Tobago’s labour market. Apart from specialising in labour market research, Karen also performs research in the area […]