ISFP Press Releases

It’s important that our members are heard. When new members are inducted in The International Society Of Female Professionals, or current members have a news announcement, our team distributes their message across the internet.

Through our vast network of media partners and secondary channels, we’re able to garner maximum exposure for each press release that is distributed.

Our team of content specialists write customized releases with a keen eye for SEO friendly copy. This way, member press releases rank highly across all search engines. Furthermore, we offer a myriad of targeting options, this way members can select that exact demographic who will see their release.

Member Press Releases

Martine Boily, the founder of MBL Coaching, offers over 30 years of experience in management and leadership coaching. With a background in organizational and personal development, Martine has accumulated valuable knowledge and lessons throughout her career, which she eagerly shares with leaders and aspiring leaders. Martine holds an Executive MBA (eMBA) in Business Administration […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Renowned Educator and Autism Advocate, Rita Miceli, Shares Her Inspirational Journey in ‘GIACI AND ME: A Mother’s Journey of Loving and Raising an Autistic Child’ Windsor, Ontario – Rita Miceli, a stalwart in the field of education with over three decades of experience and a passionate advocate for autism awareness, has […]

VP, Community Development Relationship Manager at Cadence Bank Passionate about the intersection of faith, community, and professional growth, Danielle Jackson serves as a beacon of empowerment and inspiration in her role as VP of Community Development Relationship Manager at Cadence Bank. Rooted in her love for God and life, Danielle embodies a spirit of […]

Nina Watare Kamwene is a beacon of strength and inspiration, much like the resilient Baobab tree from her native Karatina Village in Nyeri Province, Kenya. Born and raised amidst the rich cultural tapestry of her homeland, Nina’s roots run deep, nurturing her with a profound sense of identity and purpose. Her journey has been […]

Dr. Joy Bennett is a distinguished financial specialist with an illustrious career spanning over four decades. With expertise in financial management, tax planning, and business credit, Dr. Joy has made significant contributions to the financial sector. As the founder of PJ Financial Group LLC and Executive Director of PJ University Business Coaching Center, she […]