The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Member, Maggie Leitch Craig


Maggie Leitch Craig has a very successful career in the Oil & Energy industry. She boasts over 30 years in the oil industry as a process engineer and safety and environmental engineer and is also a qualified business and performance coach and complementary therapist.

She has worked in senior level positions in Safety & Environmental Engineering and is genuinely passionate about Engineering Safety. Additionally, Maggie is equally passionate about emotional intelligence, coaching and holistic therapies.

In 2016, Maggie formed Macushla Enterprises Ltd where she has combined her passions and is available for consulting in Oil & Energy as well as business coaching and developing soft skills. Her company takes a holistic approach to process safety, occupational safety and wellbeing. There are two main components: Macushla Enterprises Ltd which offers engineering and business coaching, and Macushla Holistic Hub which offers complementary therapies and life coaching. They are a triple bottom line company in that they have been developing an accounting framework with not one but three parts: social, environmental and financial.

Macushla cares greatly about corporate social responsibility. Maggie does coaching voluntarily for addicts, alcoholics and those recovering from mental health issues. She also trains or retrains some of those individuals in complementary therapies and have employed them in her therapies business. She wanted to help, and find the quickest route to jump back into their lives.

In the future, she would like to do more including donating a portion of profits to the homeless. She is well known for her leadership and her commitment to continuous growth and contribution. Maggie holds her Master’s degree in Science from the University of Sheffield and is a member of the Safety & Reliability Society and ICF.

One of her visions for the future is to write a book about business coaching. She looks forward to networking and collaborating with likeminded professionals. When not engaged with work, Maggie enjoys reading and travel.

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