The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Barbara van Veen

Barbara van Veen is a Futurist and Owner of Leaders Against Routine BV, an innovative consulting, coaching and motivational speaker practice that can help businesses transform their strategy and methods by introducing the new technology and perspective of the future. Using daily developments and the regulations of demography, technology and computer, the firm helps clients make sense of emerging technologies and overcome obstacles to lead to important developments and unprecedented growth or market disruption.
With extensive experience in business management, leadership and innovation, Barbara is an expert in change management and catalyzing. She is able to link data to actual behavioral trends in human behavior and decision making, helping clients better understand their customers and employees. Often called upon to speak before audiences of entrepreneurs and key investors, she is able to explain and introduce a comprehensive summary of the key disruptive technologies currently being developed in research laboratories worldwide, “shake up” sleepy companies and offer an outside perspective on development and growth potential, and to help prepare business leaders for the changes ahead.
After studying International Relations at Utrecht University, Barbara immediately met success in leadership roles for varied international organizations such as Amnesty International, Holland Organising Centre and as a professional conference organizer for the United Nations, international scientific conventions and national corporate events. She completed the Harvard University ExecEd programs in Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing and Business to Business Marketing Strategy, as well as Stanford University’s Worldview: Science of Decision Making course. Currently, she is working toward a PhD in Technology, Policy and Management from Delft University of Technology, where her thesis is on discovering “the effects of weak signals on managerial perceived uncertainty.”
Barbara understands that having a great diversity of opinions available with regard to the future will enable people to make better decisions and be empowered with greater knowledge to face the developments ahead. A pioneer of consulting, she stands as a role model to women business professionals and aspiring executive leaders worlds wide. She is a member of the World Future Society and the Scientific Society for Judgment and Decision Making.
Barbara resides in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and speaks fluent English and Dutch. Outside of her professional endeavors, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her two dogs.
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