The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Andrea Henning

Andrea Henning is the Managing Partner for Tiara International LLC.  She graduated from Wageningen University in The Netherlands with a Masters Degree in Agricultural Engineering in 1988. She has been a Global Team Leader for over 10 years for Tiara International, based in The Netherlands, with headquarters in Chicago Illinois. Andrea’s special training includes inspiration-based, transformational coaching and consulting for leaders. She offers coaching, consulting, team effectiveness and speaking services to help her clients grow as leaders in their work, community and life.
Andrea is expert in organizational learning, team effectiveness, personal coaching, dialogue, spiral dynamics, theory U, empowerment journeys, strategic expeditions, workshops and training. She speaks four languages including German, French, Spanish, and English.
Originally educated as a tropical agricultural engineer, she holds a passion for developing women’s leadership specifically. She has traveled the world, and has seen what women can do. Women are naturally gifted in the skills needed to tackle the challenges of these times and to build a bridge into our future. They have to become aware of that it’s time to overcome their fear of failure and take a stand for themselves. Andrea is proud to serve on the Global Leadership Team for Tiara International, a company that holds a vision of a world where all women dare to lead lives from their source of inspiration.
In her spare time she enjoys skiing, traveling, adventuring, and donating to charities. She is involved with Amnesty International, Tibet Foundation, UNICEF, AIDS Foundation, and SLOW Management.
Tiara International is working from the paradigm of inclusion and has developed the Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM), a comprehensive thought leadership approach helping especially the professional woman to grow her impact. Andrea would like to share their wisdom with the WAofP Network, and partner in a joined vision for women to be of influence. She resides in Wageningen, Netherlands.
The International Society of Female Professionals Member Andrea Henning can be found on the Who’s Who Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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