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Dr. Lori Kay is the CEO of Awakening the Successful Woman Association™.  As an educator, author, dedicated mother of two and an executive life coach with a PhD in Psychology, Lori knows what it’s like to feel frustrated that you can’t reach your next level of success. Her primary focus is to help women learn how to achieve success while still maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Having spent many years coaching women, she is ready to expand her circle to help more women and be part of a supportive community. Lori’s book, “Overwhelmed to Overjoyed: How to Shine Up Your Lifestyle and Go from Burned Out to Balanced,” explores the ways in which Lori found balance in her own life and specifically between professional and personal lives. She dedicates her work to helping others overcome life’s obstacles and promoting her fellow females in achieving success.
For years Lori asked people around her what they would wish for if they had the chance. The answer was always the same: more hours in the day. This got her thinking, and slowly, but surely, she thought of ways that she could help these women as well as herself to feel like they could do it all, like they no longer needed more hours in the day.
What she can share with you through her programs, is helping you to find and use the keys to succeed in achieving what you want in your life. She does not promise that everything will magically fall into place, but with her wisdom, she can guide you to unlock the best version of you. Lori facilitates seminars, live workshops helping people find Lifestyle Balance. She also offers private therapy sessions worldwide and gives lectures on this topic and related issues.
An alternative life coach with a traditional therapy background, Lori holds a PhD in psychology, providing energy work and other alternative therapies tailored to individual needs. She works and teaches both locally and internationally. Previously, she worked with the City of York Board of Education, and attended University of Toronto’s Ontario Institute for Studies in Education.
Using the tools she learned in her own life, she realizes that some of her challenges seemed larger than life and caused her a great deal of stress and pain. There were times when she wondered if she would ever get back on track and lead a happy, balanced life. By using these tools she is now the person she wanted to be. With Lori, your journey to leading a healthy, positive life begins now.
Many individuals postpone enjoying their lives. How often have you thought, “As soon as I achieve this goal, I will taken some time for myself?” In theory this is a great disciplined approach to life. In reality, often something else comes up or achieving what you want takes longer than you thought. In her private practice, she has spent years working with people who are last on their own list. This leads to feelings of being overwhelmed, not being as productive at work and, a realization that life is lacking fun and success.
Dr. Lori Kay is known for her compassion when she provides her coaching. She is also a Reiki Master. Dr. Lori Kay helps people to clear what is standing in the way of living happier and healthier lives. With many years of experience, she uses her skills and knowledge to help you find and guide you on your correct path. Dr. Kay’s coaching can be done through telephone, Skype or in person. She utilizes a variety of tools to assist her clients in creating the changes they are looking for in their lives. With 25 years experience, Dr. Kay brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients. She knows that no two individuals are alike and therefore treats each client as the unique person they are.  Find out more about Dr. Lori Kay. Sign up for the free trial session and discover useful techniques you can use. For more information, please call (416) 823-4032 or email
Dr. Lori Kay is currently a member of International Association of Reiki Professionals and ANLP International. Dr. Lori Kay graduated with her PhD. in Psychology from the University of Toronto in 1995.
She enjoys implementing educational and social programs for children, reading, movies, and Reiki. She resides in Toronto, Canada.
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