The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Yasmin Robinson


Yasmin Robinson is a very successful innovative and exceptional businesswoman and a Spiritual Life Coach at Superpower Into Your Blissful Life. In this role, she provides clients with clarity and guidance and helps clients to become more self aware by living up to their highest potential. She conducts meditations and workshops and uses a holistic approach. She offers personal coaching, mindfulness, chakra balancing, angel healing , law of attraction and other personal development techniques to clients. They are all 1 to 1 sessions and include free meditation audio.

Yasmin is a British Asian woman living in the United Kingdom.  She came to England when she was just over a year old and her family settled in Bayswater, London ,United Kingdom. She was very happy in London and the hippy culture was at its height in her early years. She was very influenced by this, and loves the Beatles & The Rolling Stones. The adults around her seemed really cool. Her parents moved a bit and finally settled in a suburb of London. She went to a local school and was bullied there. When she later went to a girl’s school, she was very unhappy, and bullied there as well. She knows what it’s like to be lonely and have no friends.  It was an extremely stressful time, and shattered her confidence.

When she was older she went to University, and became very ill, suffering a breakdown. It was a terrible time for Yasmina, and during this time she tired angel healing, coaching, chakra balancing, law of attraction,  meditation, and other personal development techniques to help her recover. They had a wonderful effect on her. Using these techniques plus the support of family and friends, she came through the illness.

Yasmina has used personal techniques ever since, and they have helped her enormously. She is now married to a wonderful man and lives in a lovely home.  Yasmina wants to help you too. So browse through her website and book a service/program/subscription plan/course and Superpower Into Your Blissful Life ????.

She has a special promotion: Update to a Gold membership pricing plan and receive weekly one to one sessions (coaching, mindfulness. chakra balancing, angel healing) for 3 months! Also receive unlimited mentoring via email for only £135.00 per month.
Sign up now for a subscription plan that is 1 to 1 coaching via email. The plan includes unlimited coaching via email for 6 months for £65.00 per month for 6 months. There is no need to book an appointment, a coaching form will be sent to each customer. Simply subscribe to the subscription plan and get started.
Also available is a 6 week program for £377.00 which consists of 6 weekly sessions . This includes free audio meditations plus weekly sessions of coaching, mindfulness, chakra balancing, angel healing, plus unlimited support via email. It is a step by step program and my signature program.

Yasmin feels that her passion, drive and dedication are the keys to her success along with great communication skill, empathy, compassion and integrity. Moving forward, she plans to continue to help mentor, guide and heal others.

In her spare time, Yasmin enjoys music, singing, Science Fiction movies, and travel. She also volunteers with the NSPCC.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Yasmin Robinson, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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