The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Vicki Maurer


Vicki Maurer is Founder and ‘Edupreneur’ at Academy for eLearning.

Vicki has served in many training & development, sales, consulting, coaching, mentoring and leadership roles over the last 30+ years. The majority of her experience comes from working in post-secondary education, where her passion for helping others reach their “lightbulb moment” was born.

In 2019, she left the corporate and post-secondary education world to set out on her dream: to build an eLearning company that values people over platforms and offers a ‘tech with touch’ approach to learning.  The mission of the Academy for eLearning is two-fold: to create a personalized, empathetic and relevant eLearning experience, and to build a professional community that cares about one another and wants to contribute to each other’s growth and development.

The online training is meant for both personal and professional development with three focus areas: Management and Leadership, Health & Wellness, and Soft Skill Development.

The latest catalog of courses is a 3-part series entitled “Train Your Brain for Success!”  This is the concept in Vicki’s words:

“Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why some people are more successful than others? Why is it that some people make more money, live longer, and have better relationships? I will tell you that I have asked myself these questions many times.  Learning how to be successful is a process. This catalog of 3 separate modules comprised of 36 lessons guides you through the process. The entire series can be viewed as a library of strategies and tools to be used in creating a highly successful version of your brain. Each lesson concludes with tasks designed to help you build momentum beginning with the very first lesson.

You’ll discover how to deal with the negative beliefs that stand in your way and allow you to move forward with the development of a systematic approach to creating and realizing your goals. Healthy and unhealthy habits can make or break your success journey.   Finally, we’ll put all the information together and create a plan for living the best year you’ve ever had!”

Vicki is passionate about her work and credits her success to dedication, drive and perseverance.

She looks forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Vicki Maurer, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.


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