The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Valeria E. Alvis

Valeria Alvis is a professional Neurocoach and life coach. An Argentine living in the USA, she is a Lawyer, Mediator, Conciliator in Consumer Relations, Professional NeuroCoach and Life Coach. She is a member of IDPAZ, International Society of Female Professionals and the IAC International Coaching Association. She works in YMSL and various community service activities.

Valeria has worked in the Judiciary of the Argentine Nation, in the Federal Administrative Litigation Court and in the Administrative and Tax Litigation Court of the City of Buenos Aires.
She studied Conflict Transformation Techniques at Florida International University and is certified as a mediator under the County Court Mediation Training Program at Nova University, Florida.

She completed different continuing education courses in multiple mediation models, methodologies for conducting dialogue spaces, specializing in Community mediation at the Siglo XXI University in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She carried out Mediation Clinics in the Department of Free Legal Assistance of the Palace of Justice of the Nation and UBA, certifying herself as a Mediator and later as a Conciliator under COPREC. Prior Conciliation in Consumer Relations, she served with the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of the Nation and Ministry of Economy and Public Finance.

Valeria is practices as a private Mediator and Conciliator, and finished the Personal and Organizational Coaching Training Program at DPO Consulting, and attended the School of Leadership and Coaching in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was certified by the NCI Neuroscience and Coaching Institute as a Professional Neurocoach and Life Coach.

Valeria currently works as a volunteer at Building One Community, The Center for Immigrant Opportunity and coaches privately. She is a wife and mother of two.

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