The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Sue Slater


Imagine…from off the coast of Maine and it’s rocky shores to the  sandy beaches of tropical Caribbean islands, the sound of the wind and the rock of the waves send us messages about life. If we listen. And if we look, we will see the sea’s majestic sunsets, starry nights, and feel the warm wind on deck; every voyage becomes an experience to realize with all your senses – and your heart.

“I can’t escort you personally, but I will design a journey, one with exclusive experiences you could not get on your own.” Our cruises come fully equipped with all the amenities and are designed with comfort, luxury, and style in mind. We can and will build your dream vacation to your exact specifications, whether as an individual or as a group.

Furthermore, as many of you know, accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavor to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities, or age.

Presto Magic Travel was created, designed, and implemented by a blind travel advisor who has travelled the world for many years. “Although my eye impairment has been a personal challenge, it’s also been as asset, in terms of living the true experience and the shocking realization of the travel needs of the disabled. I know because I have been there!”

Armored with this knowledge and with cutting edge technology, Sue Slater has developed and researched ways in which to provide suitable solutions and attractive benefits. “ I am here to utilize and apply those to your personal needs, and with an extra touch of luxury.

She has extensive knowledge of travel  destinations and travel requirements in all destinations   and Covid policies which are ever changing.

To have her plan a trip for you or  your company go to her web site,,  and send her an inquiry form.

Follow her on tik-tok: or email

314 541 8400:  Presto Magic Travel


International Society of Female Professionals Member, Sue Slater, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.


Ms. Slater has extensive certifications and awards.

Her Certifications are extensive, and listed below:

Sue Slater Certifications

•           UP Lift 2020 Advisor

•           Special Needs Certification

o          Facebook interview with the Special Needs Group and Karen Leonard

•           Featured in the October 2020 travel Pulse online magazine

•           Speaker on making travel more accessible for the visually impaired at the first Travelability Summit in San Francisco in November 2019

•           Certified Sandals Agent

•           Certified Hawaii Specialist

•           Certified with all major all-inclusive resorts

•           Certified with all major cruise lines

•           European Specialist

•           Specialist in Switzerland and France

•           Certified honeymoon and destination wedding specialist

•           Groups specialist of all size groups

•           Elite Cruise Counselor with Cruise Lines International Association

•           Member of Travel Leaders

•           Member of ASTA

•           Member of CCRA

•           Member of The International Society of Female Professionals

•           Member of POWER

•           Affiliated with Travel Quest Network (host agency)

•           Speaker at Blind Groups

•           Speaker at conferences


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