The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Sophie Deniel


Sophie Deniel is the founder and Managing Director of BookBeo, a company she’s run since 2008. Originally, she created a business that helped bringing books to life by adding video contents, considered as the first and unique application implementing augmented reality. Her project has flourished since : bookBeo is now a nine people’s team, specialised in the development of web and mobile applications enabling new uses of interactivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality.
BookBeo’s business spans in areas as diverse as Edition, Tourism, Commerce, Industry, Transportation and Marketing. Any object, place, production process, product or service can be connected to virtual content to meet a particular expectation.
Following a European research project in the e-health field, Sophie Deniel decided to create a first subsidiary in this vertical market and founded Beo Santé in February 2020. Its aim is to implement innovative solutions to improve patients’ and healthcare professionals’ quality of life.
She is well known for her leadership and innovation, and thrives on creating new technologies research and business adventures. She looks forward to share her experience, networking and collaborating with other professionals. Her work is a real adventure in the world of men, new technologies, research and business. She speaks fluent English and French.

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