The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Roberta Ballo


The style of her projects is strongly characterized by belonging to the center of the Mediterranean. She tries to bring the solarity of this sea, the serenity of the landscapes, and the hospitality. She has worked in many different countries, each with its history and its characteristics, which she has always harmonized with her style, for a result that reflected the clients’ personality and way of living.

Being an architect today means going beyond aesthetic and functional design, as the architect needs to choose eco-friendly design strategies. She has been working on sustainable constructions for several years, and her commitment is to adopt, for each project, all the design criteria of eco-sustainability, in all phases: from design to actual execution. The construction sector accounts for 36% of global energy consumption and 39% of total CO2 emissions, values that are too high not to attract the attention of all operators in the sector. Creating buildings and reducing pollution may seem like irreconcilable activities, but that is the reason why the whole building process, from production to pose, through transport and maintenance, disposal and recycling, is undergoing a renewal process to reduce its environmental impact.

For over twenty years, she has been a proud member of the National Institute of Bioarchitecture (INBAR), a discipline that addresses environmental concerns related to building and furniture, dealing, amongst other things, with issues around energy consumption for lighting and heating, the use of non-polluting materials, and sustainable technologies.

Architecture can contribute to reducing pollution through many channels: design system, choice of materials with sustainable production processes, choice of recycled materials, innovative technological solutions. Within INBAR, she is responsible for promoting and supporting an approach to design in line with sustainability criteria, and raise awareness among all parties involved in the design process: local administrators, city planners, city energy managers, companies, builders, clients, end users, all must be on board to obtain the best result possible.

Roberts earned her degree in Architecture from Enbar University in 1997. She credits her success to passion, knowledge and discovery, and looks forward to connecting  and sharing ideas with fellow professionals. Visit her website at

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