The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Rev. Dr. Surekha Nelavala


Rev. Dr. Surekha Nelavala is a Rostered leader of De-MD Synod, ELCA, a Pastor, developing multicultural communities of Faith, the Global Peace Lutheran Fellowship and Beloved Community Multicultural Congregation.  She also serves as Faith Formation Coordinator at New Hope Lutheran Church. In addition to this role as pastor she is a Teaching Scholar, an academic writer, a published author, public speaker, and an international traveler of Indian descent living in the United States.

In all her roles Dr. Nelavala believes in justice for all, and it is critical to advocate for equality, justice and fairness in all aspects of life, whether in workforce, households, cultures or in communities. She believes that Religion and Society have always been interlocking systems that influence the norms and cultures of the human beings. She is aware and advocates for gender justice, while pointing to the intersection of gender, race, color, religion, and region, and how women suffer the most in comparison to their male counterparts. She acknowledges that patriarchy looms large across generations in history as well as across cultures in the contemporary world. She notes that in the modern era, women have options to choose and mostly they end up having to choose within the context of the freedom that they have earned. As a professional woman, she has served as faculty and also as a pastor building healthy communities pioneering the work of multiculturalism and cross-culturalism, with intentionality to ensure Diversity, Inclusion and Equity. In her inquiry and practices, and in her preaching, public speaking, and writing, she uses intersectional, gender based sociological-scientific analysis to re-interpret and re-imagine scriptures that emerged from religious-socio-cultural interlocking systems.

Surekha  is a professional that has authored several articles and essays published in academic journals and books and also have authored two books.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Surekha Nelavala, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.


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