The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Paula Eriya


With over 25 years of professional experience, Paula Eriya is a Manager at the Beauty Lounge Salon and Spa where she is known for her dynamic leadership skills and unmatched expertise.

Her most recent endeavor is Paula’s Try Miracle: These are exceptional products, than can be used while learning the best ways to take care of your mind, body and soul! Remember, YOU are the ultimate miracle. Paula’s TRY Miracle products are based on natural ingredients, oils and extracts which are vegan, organic and clinic level quality, including hypo-allergenicity and no added fragrance.

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A licensed cosmetologist and graduate from Stuyvesant School of Cosmetology and Marvel Beauty School; Paula also holds a degree in Theology from Tyndale University. Paula is the president of The Radical You! Inc., a successful and growing salon, spa, beauty and imaging corporation and the owner of Beauty Lounge Salon and Spa.  Paula is a well-known master practitioner in the field of weave technology as well as a visionary career and industry builder.

Paula was also the former Vice President of the Canadian Cosmetology Association, which she maintained an extensive network of career-building affiliates, associates and leaders in the field of beauty, aesthetics and hairstyling.  Since 2001, Paula’s company has been on the cutting edge of hair, weave and beauty, which meets her clients’ diverse and evolving beauty and physical health needs.  Paula has taken some time off to travel and study the latest technology in the hair industry, within Canada and throughout the world, as it was important to Paula to search out and find the best natural hair and beauty products and technology out there for her clients.

Paula’s talents and gifts are in the area of helping people look and feel confident about who they are, by helping them first conceive a more radiant self-concept about themselves, then by helping them believe in that vision of a happier, healthier, more beautiful self-image and then by the final and most important step, of achieving personal transformation by taking it beyond merely conceiving and believing in that change but saying “yes” to the commitment and by taking action, by professing how their hair, skin and clothing does matter as appearances does speaks for itself.

Under the imaging tier of the business, Paula worked with Ontario Housing to help build young girl’s self-esteem, by teaching them proper hygiene, health and wellness and money management.  Paula also worked on the project: “Women’s Worth and More”, which helps young women and single mom’s get back into the workforce by teaching them how to professionally conduct themselves, grooming, wardrobe construction and interview etiquettes.

Paula has made a point of giving back to the community by helping young and upcoming artist, to be seen and heard, by giving of her time and expertise to promote these young Canadian artists in the area of arts, fashion and music.

Paula’s actions continue to speak louder than her wise words, as she was featured in a Global TV special segment called “Second Chances”, which documents positive and successful entrepreneurial women, who have overcome adversity, and to show young people how to never give up on life, no matter how hard their life situations are. Paula’s latest creation and development is her vegan and organic hair and skin care lines for male and female, along with an array of household candles, room sprays and Reed diffusers with much more to come.

Finally, Paula’s main goal is to bridge the gap between the outside and the internal well-being of others. Paula is excited to combine her Bachelor of Religious Education, as well her further study in her becoming an international Chaplain where she believes this is an added advantage serving people, not only physically but spiritually in the way of souls care, where true beauty begins.

A devoted mother of four, Paula has turned her time and talents toward giving back to her community. Her greatest passion is serving widows, single mothers and young adults, and she has put together a team to assist single mothers to dress for success and confidently re-enter the workforce. She has also held events to showcase young entrepreneurs in fashion, music and the arts. Paula and her family have had the life-changing opportunity to take part in the yearly Hope Worldwide of Canada events, which help raised funds to support many community organizations.

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