The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Paula Echeverri Montes

Architect graduated from the University of Los Andes with a master’s degree in historic preservation and postgraduate training in business administration (MAMD) and computer design (CDDMBT). She has developed an independent practice in the area of design and project structuring. Currently her practice participates from multidisciplinary teams seeking comprehensive criterion, the success and sustainability of projects through the experience of high-quality holistic design.
The introduction of computational thinking as a key factor in design may be suggesting that, in addition to understanding the problem and its rules, the designer could also define the framework and drive the formulation of the project as a whole. The work is developed as an ideal spatialized collective intelligence of an interdisciplinary team, working together with innovation managers, entrepreneurs, industry and government agencies.
In the current context of knowledge economy, the availability of data along with human intelligence and computational capacity, define the ability to make intelligent decisions in the face of uncertainty and the complexity of reality, seeking to raise the levels of competitiveness of businesses. The design of a strategy combines different models that involve learning from experience to promote innovation processes, implementation of new technologies and exploration of new business models.
International Society of Female Professionals Member Paula Echeverri Montes can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.