The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Natalie Moya


Meet Natalie Moya, a dedicated professional who has carved her path in the realm of food safety. With a wealth of experience and a passion for her mission, she serves as the General Manager at AFI Internacional (Agro & Food Integrity). While originally hailing from Chile, Natalie has spent the past 20 years in Panama, enriching her perspectives and expanding her horizons.

Natalie’s unwavering commitment lies in championing food safety on a global scale. Her role places her at the heart of various scenarios where she thrives on educating, advising, and contributing to the diverse array of stakeholders within the food chain. From primary producers to supermarkets, restaurants, and all the way to food, beverage, and packaging production plants, Natalie’s influence is felt across the spectrum.

One of Natalie’s defining traits is her constant pursuit of improvement. With a steadfast focus on her business and her team, she consistently seeks ways to elevate both. Her leadership style is characterized by an unyielding dedication to nurturing her team’s growth and fostering a positive work environment. In a unique and empowering move, Natalie has cultivated a diverse team at AFI Internacional, where she envisions creating not just a workplace, but the best place to work, complete with benefits and a strong emphasis on female empowerment.

At the heart of Natalie’s professional journey is her unwavering drive to ensure food safety in every country AFI Internacional engages with. This mission fuels her inspiration and motivation, guiding her through challenges and propelling her towards impactful solutions. Her dedication to her work has led her to constantly seek ways to refine her approach and enhance her skills.

While Natalie’s positivity and spontaneity have served her well, she acknowledges the need to evolve in the realm of strategic planning. She recognizes that while her goals are crystal clear, a more structured route is essential for optimal outcomes. This self-awareness exemplifies her commitment to growth and development.

Her future mission is to continue contributing to a landscape where every company deeply understands and values the culture of food safety. She aspires that, within the next decade, food integrity is not just a technical term, but a commitment deeply rooted in the heart of every professional who is part of the agricultural food industry. She envisions a future where consumers fully trust the safety and integrity of their food, backed by trained and committed companies. She aims to be the bridge between theory and practice, ensuring that companies not only meet standards but also surpass themselves, recognizing the profound responsibility they have in producing food.



Natalie’s decision to embark on a journey of professional improvement led her to discover a program that aligns seamlessly with her aspirations. She recognizes that her impulsive nature could benefit from a more analytical perspective, and this program promises to be a transformative catalyst in her journey. With her dedication, positivity, and a newfound strategic focus, Natalie Moya is set to elevate her role as a trailblazer in food safety and continue making a tangible impact in her field.


International Society of Female Professionals Member Natalie Moya can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.