The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Monica Bortolani


Monica Bortolani is the new CFO of Piera Martellazzo SpA (Wine production). Known for being a self-starter, she has worked on numerous projects and challenges throughout her career, and enjoys serving as a mentor and advocate for up and coming women in business.

Monica is known for being a resilient person. By the age of 33, she earned her Business Financial Degree followed by Executive MBA at ESCP EAP, both self funded. Since, she has worked on numerous projects and challenges to gain experiences within the financial and business environment. She has faced turbulences, changing managements, and stressful operational IT integrations. She always applies wisdom, and enjoys being a mentor to create teams strength and spread knowledge, integrity, ethics and transparency.

She is currently researching a way to support African children using motorbikes. She spent time in Morocco to travel off road by motor dirt-bike and wants to put together travelling experiences while also helping the community. She would also like to raise money to build schools for women, offering sponsorship or scholarships, in remote areas.

She credits her success to resilience and passion, and is looking forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.