The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Mary Catalogna, MBA


Mary Catalogna is a Regional Sales Manager for Celanese, She specializes in Weight Loss, Gut Health,  1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Corporate Workshops, Leadership, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Holistic Healing, Stress Management, Personalized Wellness, Professional Working Moms, Detox, Microbiome, Healthy Tips, Recipes, Endurance, Exercise, Sports Nutrition, Meal Prep, and Meal Planning.

Mary Catalogna is a leading sales manager for over 25 years in the automotive industry and a certified Health Coach with Functional Diagnostic Nutrition at A widely regarded successful professional woman with a degree in mechanical engineering and her MBA, she has managed a multi-level and global team for Fortune 500 accounts.

As a working mother she understands deeply the intense pressure of wanting to succeed in her career, while maintaining a work life balance as a mother. As her working mom journey progressed, that pressure began to affect the health and nutrition of her  body and she found herself dipping into the realms of self-defeat, constant overwhelm, and exhaustion.

To avoid failure and system burnout, Mary knew she had to create a system which aligned with her commitment to exceed her career aspirations and corporate objectives, while maintaining a healthy work / life balance. Her overarching goal was to optimize her cognitive and physical functions to meet the needs of her body and soul.

To expand her knowledge, Mary has extensively researched functional medicine and while working with functional medicine doctors, she obtained her certification in Health Coaching and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. Through her study and experience, Mary cracked the code to perform optimally while dealing with a fast-paced, highly demanding lifestyle and wanted to help other women do the same.

Mary understands what it feels like to do “all the right things,” but still struggles with unexpected weight gain, inability to lose weight, restless nights, bloating, irregularity, extreme fatigue, ADHD, and mood swings. This is why she is passionate about helping other professional working moms avoid the “there’s no time for me,” and instead focus on tapping into the inner workings of your body to achieve better health in life and career.

Mary has developed 1:1 services, corporate workshops, self and group coaching programs which have helped hundreds of women discover their own unique weight loss blueprint which leads to increased energy and high productivity for family and career. She believes that by uncovering your body’s bio-individuality you will find ease in balancing it all.

She has helped 40-50 year old professional moms ditch the stubborn weight gain so they can feel confident and sexy at work and on date nights. With Mary’s simple resources it is possible to increase your energy and ditch the weight management issues while trying to balance “all things.”

Mary holds her MBA from Lawrence Technical University, 2010, Southfield, MI, and her BSc from Kettering University in Engineering, 2000. She is a Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, 2020, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Virtual Program a Certified Fermentationist, 2020, Guts & Glory, Virtual Program, as well as a Certified Health Coach, 2018, Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Virtual Program. She studied abroad with the University of New South Wales Abroad Program in 1998.

Mary is a Member of the International Society of Women Professionals and Association of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Professionals, Founder of Mary Nora Wellness, Inc., Creator and project manager of the “Gut Revival” digital program, The Gutsy Weight Loss Method group coaching program, and personalized 1:1 coaching programs.

She offers proficiency in sales funnels, program copy, graphics, marketing materials, and membership sites. She is an Author and public speaker of “Smart Stress for Success,” and has presented in audiences of over 100 people. She was a guest panelist for the Gather and Grow Empowerment Initiative, a Member of Her Bold Voice – Mastering Public Speaking, 2020 Global Guest Spotlight Speaker for the Women’s Network, 2020 Bold Podcast Reflection Group, 2020 Developing Professionals Spotlight Member, 2019 Asian Ancestry Guest Speaker, and 2018 ERG Recognition Nominee for the Women’s Network.

In her spare time, Mary is an avid triathlete, runner and golfer. She qualified and completed the Boston Marathon  in 2007 and 2017, and has completed 3 ½ IronMan races.


International Society of Female Professionals Member, Mary Catalogna, MBA, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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