The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Maria Goretti Bello Serans


Maria Goretti Bello Serans has spent the last 26 years immersed in the creation and launch of multimedia and digital media products, having worked across agencies, corporate and software development groups. She also spent time as an entrepreneur launching Spain’s first DRM streaming video network in 2008.

Having spent nearly 30 years working as product/project lead delivering complex first to market online platforms, mobile apps and interactive immersive environment creative and technical solutions, Maria’s career has led her to lead projects agency side (global agencies under the WPP umbrella group), corporates and software development groups. Her passion is as a creative technologist, defining the concept and setting the product roadmap, leading all teams across the development of the new product to final launch. Primary case studies can be viewed here

On the horizon, she will continue to work on innovation based technology projects but as a Creative Technologist/Consultant rather than leading the teams from ideation to final delivery.

She recently started a stained glass company ‘Arlequina Diseño’ where she can finally replicate her oil paintings into stained glass. She works with colour, symbols and numerology in an alchemical mix to create a piece that will trigger the senses while also filling the space with light and colour. Her work has been selected for an International Exhibition to be held in Venice, Italy from July 12th – August 1st 2021.

She would love to collaborate with architects to include stained glass in their designs and currently her commissions are for those who are wanting a specific design in their homes. She started Arlequina Diseño in May 2021 after two years of planning and she is currently based in Galicia Spain where she set up a design studio. Her work can be viewed here www.arlequinadiseñ

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Maria Goretti Bello Serans, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.


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