The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Maria de los Angeles Diaz

Montreal, Quebec – Maria de los Angeles Diaz is Software Developer at GoTo a leading provider of cloud-based collaboration and connectivity solutions. With over a decade of experience in web development and specialized expertise in frontend technologies, Diaz’s addition will further strengthen GoTo’s capabilities in delivering innovative software solutions.
As a web developer for more than 10 years, Diaz has honed her skills and focused on frontend development for the past four years. With proficiency in Javascript technologies and frameworks such as Angular, React, and NodeJs, she has demonstrated her ability to create dynamic and engaging web applications. Her dedication to excellence and rigorous work ethic make her a valuable asset to any team.
Diaz’s core skills and competencies encompass effective verbal and written communication, generating and applying new ideas and solutions, leadership and supervision, understanding web accessibility and best practices, and proficiently managing time and tasks. She excels in collaborating within a group and possesses the ability to plan and execute activities with efficiency.
Prior to joining GoTo, Diaz worked as a Frontend Integrator-Developer at Alithya, where she gained valuable experience in frontend development and served as a practice coach. Her diverse technical skill set includes HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, TypeScript, SASS, LESS, GIT, and expertise in popular frameworks like Angular, React, and NodeJS. Diaz is well-versed in various operating systems, databases, and IDEs, further enhancing her versatility as a Software Developer.
Maria de los Angeles Diaz holds a Diploma in Programming for Mobile Technologies from Montreal College of Information Technology, where she specialized in mobile and web application development. She also earned a Master’s degree in Systems Management from Universidad Metropolitana, Venezuela, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar.
International Society of Female Professionals Member Maria de los Angeles Diaz can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.