The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes LeNeshia Markey


LeNeshia R. Markey is an educator in the St. Charles Parish Public Schools system. A highly educated woman (she has earned a Bachelor of Arts in English, Master of Arts in Teaching with Honors, and was considering a third degree), she inspires adolescents to do better than their best every day. She is passionate about her civic duty to her people.  She is also driven by the desire to understand how to navigate her profession more effectively to affect positive change in her community as she holds Board memberships and has memberships in various organizations. LeNeshia has an emphatic love of poetry, has published her own personal volume (Within Shades of Mahogani), and is currently working on her next two projects.  She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals and to gaining the recognition of being a member of this established empowerment tool for women.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, LeNeshia Markey, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.