The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Lana Assadian


With over 15 years of professional experience, Lana Assadian is currently working at the NBC – Nissan’s Integrated Logistics Center located at Smyrna, TN, and supporting various departments through Nissan Database and Universal WMS. She is known for her tenacity, excellent teamwork, and dynamic leadership skills.

Lana was born and raised in a traditional family in Azerbaijan. Her heritage is Nordic, English, Irish, Russian and French. She is a first-generation young American and currently resides in Nashville, TN, for the past 12 years.

Lana’s mother was a Chemistry laboratory professional who worked as a teacher in the College. She returned to work when her brother, the youngest sibling in the family, turned five years old and enrolled in kindergarten. Her parents were educated professionals of their time. Her father was an accounting professional and worked most of his professional life at the Institute of Technology. Lana always will be thankful to them for raising her as a good, loving, and caring human being. Both of her parents have passed away young, and she wishes their souls to rest in peace in heaven!

Lana started working right after graduating from secondary school. She has been working since then with no interruption. Lana has worked with organizations with diversified backgrounds, national and international, which contributed much experience and knowledge into her professional experience. While she started to work at an early age, she also focused on her continuous education. She was a work and study girl, and since then followed all the steps of education: high school, vocational school, certifications, associate degree, Bachelor’s degree and is now working on her MBA at Belmont University located in Nashville, TN, USA.

Life took her through all the ups and downs of life. She did not have any help, even money, from her parents and family. As a young woman, it was hard, and day by day, it became even more challenging. She had minimum or no support at all; however, she never stopped working on herself and improving herself. Self-development and self-education is an essential part of her journey, that is what she has always said to herself to keep her hope and positivity. She always keeps in her mind a motto “never stop learning,” “it is never late to learn”, and “repetition of the education is the mother of knowledge and learning.”

Lana’s life became even more challenging when she had a beautiful baby girl named Sophie. Trying to raise her child and give her all the care she needs while continuing her education made her move away from her career path since 2019. Her daughter was six months old when she started working night or weekend shifts on underpaid and labor-intensive jobs. The flexibility of the work schedule was vital for her as a mother and student rather than pay. She is currently living on a tight budget due to an underpaid job; however, after graduation, she will have many career paths open for her and have the flexibility and pursue her career. Her daughter Sophie will then be three years old and will become a full-time student at daycare. An educated woman working in underpaid and labor-intensive jobs has played a negative role in her wellbeing and health. She has gone through health problems since 2016 and has had multiple surgeries since then. Her professor at Belmont University told her once, “as a learning student and future manager, must accept the humility and stress factors around,” however, humility and the negative impact of external factors have been overwhelming in her life and mental health.

Lana has decided to share her story with the world publicly lately. She knows there are so many women in the world who need inspiration. They need to hear as many stories as possible to pursue their dreams and find their career path. Also, she intends to find an employer who appreciates professionals’ hard work and dedication like herself. She is currently looking for an open position as a Financial Analyst in a Financial institution that will offer her growth and career pursuits.

Lana always speaks positively about her professors and teachers in Khazar (Caspian) and Belmont Universities. She is thankful to her teachers and professors, who always supported her morally and pushed her on the right career path.

To spread her story to the world will have positive effects on many young mothers and professionals who juggle between work, childcare, personal health, and trying at the same time to become educated. Her other intention of sharing her story is to get help with her tuition fees in scholarships and grants. She is sure some organizations are willing to help young mothers and students like herself!

Lana holds her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and Management and is currently a graduate student; she plans to graduate as soon as possible. She is fluent in English, Russian, Turkish, Azerbaijani and knowing several other languages, like Japanese, French, and Dutch. Moving forward, she hopes to network with like-minded professionals worldwide as much as possible.

International Society of Female Professionals Member Lana Assadian, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with professionals, mentors and get interviewed with international organizations.
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