The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Kathy Halliday


Kathy Halliday is a Director of Sales for National Corporate Housing.  Kathy began her career working in Corporate Housing by answering an ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper many years ago.  She began her career calling on Fortune 500 companies for a luxury high rise building. Kathy’s love for connecting with people along with her tenacity and adaptability has contributed to her growth.  With the current changes in the marketplace, Kathy after 25 years joined a new organization within the industry, National to assist with their expansion.  She will be responsible for building a team, growing revenue, and increasing profits.

Kathy’s employment history is comprised of the Hospitality Industry specializing in Corporate Housing for over 30 years. She has had the luxury of working both sales & operations over the years which makes for a unique background. This experience has afforded Kathy the opportunity to learn, understand, and apply all aspects of the business in order to drive profitability and revenue growth. Her core competencies include: Talent management, financial acumen, development of strong relationships, strategic thinker, sales process & planning driven, and possesses the attitude and ability to adapt.

Over the years, Kathy has faced many different challenges and successes in her career including global expansion, experience working with the US Government, and working through a company transitioning its business model.

Kathy is excited to connect with other leaders and mentor fellow female professionals. Kathy’s ability to adapt to different cultures.   She always thinks on her feet with her quick wit and sharp mind has made her a leader in her field to be admired and appreciated. Kathy is very excited to be a member and is looking forward to connecting with others professional females for networking. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other like-minded professionals, and to gaining the recognition and credibility of being a member.

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International Society of Female Professionals Member, Kathy Halliday, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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