The International Society of Female Professionals recognizes Julie Rasmussen as a successful Senior C-Suite executive with many years of international business experience.


Julie Rasmussen is the Chairman, Founder & CEO of Dagmar Associates. Having initially moved to Russia to launch Mary Kay Cosmetics, she then started up a security company, a real estate development company, a chain of coffee bars, and the Hertz Rent-a-Car Master Franchise for Russia in a series of private equity deals. Entrepreneurial by nature, Julie is able to identify a new opportunity and make the most of it when she sees it. After executing a Management Buyout of the Hertz Franchise (MBO), she became the Majority Owner and Chairman.

A senior level female C-Suite executive with CEO, COO, Executive Chairman, Chairman and Independent Director experience, she has not only started up and scaled several businesses, but is an investor in her own right, putting her own capital at risk in many of the ventures she has started or taken a majority ownership stake in.

Julie has an MBA from the Saïd School of Business at the University of Oxford with a focus on fintech, behavioral finance, macro-economics, entrepreneurship and social & digital marketing strategy particularly as it pertains to selling financial products and services to women.

An International Society of Female Professionals Member, Julie Rasmussen can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.