The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Gay Hamilton


Gay Hamilton began her career with a $300 million agricultural company holding many positions ending up as Treasury Operations Manager for the Ontario based firm. From that position, she jumped to Customer Service Manager for a dot com start up that provided online, mission critical applications for exchanging business documents. Seven years later, Gay purchased the company with two business partners and grew it to exchanging $2 billion worth of documents annually. She then took the opportunity of a lifetime and moved to Ireland for 18 months to be COO of a FinTech software company helping the company rebrand and change ownership. This was followed by a move home to Guelph Ontario, and her own consulting business,

Gay’s breadth of experience and entrepreneurial soul is an asset for any community. She has a knack for hearing the real problem and creatively coming up with solutions. Acting as a strategic partner, she assesses her clients technology challenges using the lens of increasing profitability by introducing them to trusted partners who provide exceptional solutions.

After spending 20 years in the agricultural industry Gay transitioned to Client Services Manager for a dot com start up. They were fortunate to find two large companies to partner with that sold, along with their own services  Gay’s companies web based solutions introducing them  to some great fortune 500 clients. In the role of Client Services Manager she learned to manage the diametrically opposed sales and management styles of their partners, while ensuring the customers always received the best solutions for their business.  After 7 years, together with two partners, she purchased the company and proceeded to significantly increase the client base, transaction volume, and the security of the infrastructure by moving to AWS.

Five years later Gay decided it was time for a change and moved to a sales role within the Healthcare industry in the US. She was selling ERP cloud based software solutions to Fortune 500 companies that provided products and services to the hospital systems. After 2 years she got the opportunity of a lifetime.  She joined a FinTech company based in Dublin Ireland on an 18 month contract as the COO.  While there, they rebranded the company and all the products and changed the ownership of the company. It was a fantastic opportunity and she now highly recommends international work to everyone!

Returning from Ireland she decided it was time for me to be on her own and started a consulting company, which she recently rebranded to focus solely on technology.  Using her background and experience she provides consulting to companies that are looking to solve issues both in IT, the infrastructure that supports the business, and software, helping them work through the mystery and uncertainty of technology by introducing them to trusted partners who provide exceptional solutions. Some examples include:

  1. There is a movement in the SaaS software industry to move customers from locally hosted software to cloud based. The result of this move is to remove the flexibility of custom built software that many companies invested in, to enhance the functionality of the SaaS software and achieve a more complete solution.  Leveraging some of the best software companies, she is able to provide these customers with custom software that integrates to cloud based solutions to provide that extra reach and flexibility that companies need.
  2. The world of technology is struggling to keep pace with cyber attacks.   The costs associated with security are increasing at such a rate that managements and Boards need an appropriate and strategic plan designed to suit the business’ requirements. Gay has trusted partners that have years of experience in creating custom software built with resiliency to cyber intrusion, IT networks and hosted datacentres designed to the highest security levels, and consultants to help ensure customers’ management gets the support they need.
  3. It is no longer a competitive advantage to have great customer service, it’s a necessity.   Customer success teams, overburdened with dramatic increases in customer inquiries, need technology designed, developed, and maintained to meet business’ long-term objectives.

She resides in the Toronto area, and has two terrific sons, two  wonderful daughters-in-law and four amazing grandkids who all live close by.. Otherwise she is out hiking, biking, golfing or curling.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Gay Hamilton, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.


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