The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Erika Wichro


Dr. Erika Wichro is an Austrian Medical Doctor, Public Health Expert and Psycho-social expert. She is currently serving as the CEO and International Consultant at Peacebuilding and Partners Sarl, focusing on global health, cross-sectoral and international humanitarian law and human rights matters. Erika started out in the medical field as a Registered Nurse and moved into the humanitarian field with continuous education and training. She works globally in health emergencies, disaster relief, education, capacity building and training, policies and procedures, and sustainable development. She has worked in many different countries, focusing on outbreak management, containment, preparedness and planning, and disease surveillance and risk assessment in international emergencies.

Erika has had her consulting company for nearly 2 years and is based out of Rolle, Switzerland. She speaks English, German, French and Arabic, and is devoted to helping her clients achieve their goals with technical advice, advocacy, assessment, leadership, capacity building, operational and managerial problem solving. She is delighted to go the extra mile for clients and is renowned for high integrity, commitment, mutual trust and respect. A recognized global health expert, she has worked with the World Health Organization in Pakistan, Turkey for Syria, Ghana, the Pacific region and Afghanistan, and also as Project Researcher and Public Health expert at The Medical University of Graz. She has additional expertise in pandemic preparedness and planning for The Public Health Division of Styrian, Austria. She is UNDAC and European Union Civil Protection mechanism trained, part of the expert pool and trainer in the Course on Negotiation and Decision-Making and the High-Level Coordination course. She has worked tirelessly in the Syrian relief efforts and crisis intervention and has continued to policy improvements involving polio eradication and measles elimination.

In addition to being a lifetime member of the ISFP, Erika is a Member of The European Union Civil Protection and The European Public Health Association. She is part of The Austrian Public Health Association and The International Infectious Disease Association, and serves as an editorial board member for the Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health and the Journal of Infectious Diseases & Travel Medicine. Her work has been published in auspicious industry media including The Crisis Response Journal.

She is very well educated and has taken extensive certification courses, including training in Rapid Transformation involving Hypnotherapy, and would like to take that to the forefront. Erika earned her Executive Masters in International Humanitarian Law in Armed Conflict from the Geneva Academy of International Law and Human Rights, and holds a Medical Doctorate, a Master’s Degree in Medical Ethics and Economic Ethics from the University of Graz, and a Master’s degree in Public Health from Boston University School of Public Health. She is looking forward to networking and connecting with other likeminded professionals, and to gaining the recognition of being a member.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Erika Wichro, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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