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Elaine Unruh is the founder and one of the administrators of, a new business venture that came to be based on both personal experience and those shared by clients and friends while struggling with health & sexual health issues. As a business owner for the past 20 years in the beauty industry she had the incredible fortune to be surrounded by women in an environment where they felt safe to share their stories and struggles. Humorously called the “Hairapist” by clients and friends, she realized that despite all the information available it was really difficult to get unbiased information, and AskBigSister was born. Her candid, humorous & non-judgmental personality is evident in the stories she writes, offering suggestions & advice. She writes in the voice of commiseration stories that both entertain and inform. To keep the information balanced, AsKBigSister has also partnered with Intimate Wellness, which is directed by female gynecologists.


The hardest part of the journey has been creating a website from the ground up, learning social media networking strategies and finding ways to get her information out to the women who need it. Her professional career began as a business development manager specializing in franchise growth and business optimization. She then branched out to develop her own business and has spent the past 20 years teaching, training employees, and running her own salon, all while balancing a family and active community presence.


Through this new webpage, she hopes to inspire women to be more informed, communicate openly about their sexual health, and offer easy access to products and education that benefit their sexual health and personal relationships. She actively encourages suggestions & questions on the site, and welcomes your participation in the online community on Facebook called Hot Flashes to Menopause. The ultimate goal is that women will use it as a resource when seeking relevant advice, products and services, and will find the content important enough to share with friends in need. New content is added weekly, and she encourages you to bookmark, subscribe and follow. No purchase or membership fee required.


About the Business: is a Women’s Health & Sexual Health Website that provides both medical & alternative approaches to the struggles all women face with Hormones, Perimenopause & Menopause, Sexual Health, Low Libido and our Relationships while dealing with these issues. AskBigSister is unique as it focuses on both sides of the story, instead of catering to a particular methodology. The advice is all from actual experiences faced by women just like you, not from an idealogical standpoint. AskBigSister is committed to offering as many solutions as possible so that women get a broader perspective to make choices that fit their personal situation, budget & lifestyle. From vaginal dryness to hot-flashes we tackle subjects many find embarrassing to discuss openly.

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FaceBook Community – Hot Flashes to Menopause

Instagram: ask_big_sister


Elaine and her business live by  the motto: Ask Questions, Share Stories, Be Real. In her spare time she enjoys giving back to her community, reading, and travel.


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