The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Dr. Pauline Morris


As the founder of Doctors Caring for Doctors, a career coaching and support service for doctors, Dr. Pauline’s mission is to help doctors discover how they can have a fulfilling life and a successful career without burning out. She helps doctors see how life can be different by having fun, rest, spontaneity, and joy. Dr. Pauline is a Career and Personal Development Coach and she truly believes there is a different way. She lets her clients know that it is indeed possible to have both a successful career and a happy life.

Having been featured in Podcast: All About Doctors, The Surgical Spirit, Queens Building Castles, Authentic Tea, The Living Room, You Are Not a Frog, and  Good Morning Barbados (TV), she has already helped thousands in becoming the best version of themselves. She achieves this by supporting physicians in making confident career choices that align with their own values and beliefs so that their professional lives complement their personal lives.

Dr. Pauline attended the University of the West Indies- MBBS,  Royal College of Anesthetists- UK- FRCA, University of Dundee- Cert Medical Education, NPL Centre of Excellence- Dip Coaching and Mindfulness, and York St. John University- MBA (Hons).

She started her medical career at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Barbados, Anesthetist- Qatar, Doctors Caring for Doctors- Career and Personal Development Coach, and Volunteering for The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund.

One of her greatest gifts is her ability to authentically connect with her clients, allowing them the space to find the complete clarity that leads them to their own unique path, emotional freedom, personal joy and professional achievement.

Dr. Pauline is known for her love of friends and family; including the four-legged kind! She is an avid golf and bridge player, and brings her values of integrity, compassion and adventure to both her coaching and her personal life.

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