The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Diana Berlinerblau Conte


Dr. Diana Berlinerblau Conte has over 25 years of experience in her field. Being a Medical Psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, she has worked at public and private institutions, with patients in private and online practice. She is currently with the National Institute of Aerospace Medicine, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, certifying mental health and cognitive assessment of flying personnel, performing psychiatric interviews to pilots, flight attendants, military and police personnel, and any person who is beginning a career in the aviation field, to assess if they are fit and able to fly.

She holds a Masters in Direction of Human Resources (2018 , OBS School OBS School of Business; Barcelona). As a Human Resources Specialist for the National Institute of Aerospace Medicine, she works with employees and chief officers in the company, providing guidelines for work, motivation and aiding in personal development and achievements. She helps in the focus on daily goals and objectives, as well as any difficulties that may arise from gender gaps.

She has expertise in communication, leadership, and building of trust within the company culture. She loves to handle emotional aspect of team management.

She has outstanding knowledge in the areas of how to perform the best when you are in a sports competition, as a coach.

She will soon be finishing a Masters degree in Family Mediation from Euroinnova Business School, Spain (this  September 2019), and she provides counseling in private practice as a family or work mediator, within the family or in a work environment. This includes providing assistance in cases of violence or abusive  conducts within the family, or in a work environment, or at school, such as bullying, sexual harassment, or mobbing.

This also includes dealing with toxic people at work, as well as recognizing and dealing with a narcissistic personalities or sociopaths, at home, in the private life or at work.

Diana is a close collaborator with Non Verbal Language expert Teresa Baró from Spain, (making contributions to her books) one of the latest being: “Non Verbal Intelligence”, Barcelona, Paidós, 2019) from a scientific point of view.

She is also a happy adoptive mother of a girl, and successfully raised her child as a single mother. She is ready to offer her experience to other female professionals, and loves to work with parents and children on developing verbal and non-verbal aspects of human interaction and communication, as well as improving soft skills and emotional intelligence in children and adults.

In addition to being a Psychiatrist (MD), and being an expert in aviation medicine, she also served many years ago as medical advisor for the pharmaceutical industry, in areas such as Psychopharmacology, and as a monitor in oncology clinical trials, collaborating also ad honorem on Medical Centers Ethics Committees.

Her desire for helping people was the reason she started her career as a psychiatrist. Her work has been published in industry journals, and she credits her success to resilience and persistence, acquired through many years of efforts, practice, work, and study. She also attributes this resilience to having been an amateur tennis player with national achievements in Argentina (while studying at school and later while studying Medicine) which included a lot of discipline, sustained effort, and the challenge of sports competition. That is also one of the  reasons she likes to mentor or coach anyone to help in personal or work achievements.

She wants to do different studies such as motivation at work, soft skills, team management and as well as working with parents who wants to make a difference by raising an emotionally intelligent child.

Looking ahead, she wants to collaborate in any area already mentioned, to travel around the world and meeting interesting working women, but with a strong gender perspective, in the belief that only through mutual support between women in the professional and family environment, women will live in a fairer society.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Diana Berlinerblau Conte, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

 Diana Berlinerblau
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