The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Cristina Bentue

Cristina Bentue is Chief Operating Officer of IriusRisk, a scalable, collaborative solution to helping organizations start security left. By shifting security left, from the testing stage of an application to the design stage, security can be scoped at the very beginning of any development process – before a line of code is written. As a result, security threats and flaws can be identified before crucial development work takes place and developers can be primed with a set of security requirements from the outset, saving time and avoiding delays further down the software development lifecycle. It promotes a culture, mindset, and process of security that is repeatable, iterative, and continuous – all whilst being seamlessly integrated into existing workflows. With such a rapid digitalization of our world comes new challenges for security within any business, large or small. For enterprises, applications are becoming greater in number, more complex as technology advances, and in response, regulatory bodies are forever introducing and iterating new guidelines for compliance which all must be abreast of, and compliant with. IriusRisk also helps with this challenge with the power of its automation and unique content libraries that analyze the architecture of an application and map its unique constituent parts or features against key regulatory frameworks and standards helping teams to not just design to reduce risk, but also address compliance.
Cristina holds two very specific core values to heart: Diversity and inclusivity. From a product perspective, there is a natural extension: IriusRisk breaks down silos between security and engineering teams that are naturally at odds due to the delays that test results create in the absence of a well-documented plan. From a people perspective, Cristina has long been an advocate of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace, especially when it comes to supporting female employees and empowering them to break through the glass ceiling often experienced within technology industries. Using these guiding values, Cristina champions the women within IriusRisk and has talented women in both technical and non-technical positions, as team leads and as key positions on the management team, to better reflect the society that we should be living in.
Careers in technology should not be beyond the reach of anyone who wants to work in one of the many industries, yet STEM still has a long way to go to increase the diversity amongst its sector. Cristina was fundamental in creating a Community Edition of IriusRisk, a lite version of their automation platform that is free to use and open to anyone, regardless of their background, and IriusRisk openly encourages education and adoption of the process. With frequent, free-to-access webinars and workshops, anyone can get hands-on and expose themselves to the incredible industry that is a prominent, vital part of our future, and the prospects of future generations.
International Society of Female Professionals Member Cristina Bentue can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.
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