The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Chauntaye Fayson


Chauntaye Fayson is a Natural Hair Culturist/Nutritionist Complete Beauty Solutions, LLC

Her professional background includes natural hair care and styling, along with medical assisting, customer service, and nutrition. Her mission is to empower, encourage, and educate.

She has faced many challenges over the years that have come with  many rewards. As a hair stylist, she learned how to perfect her craft watching and imitating her Aunt, who was a licensed cosmetologist. This natural talent stemmed into a “side hustle” in her teenage years and early 20s, when she became a traveling stylist. As a natural hair culturist, she learned the importance of attention to detail within her own culture. Her eagerness to learn more and research natural ways to combat a seemingly normal industry of limited resources became prevalent after she gave birth to her very first daughter, who was diagnosed with eczema. With this experience, having limited financial resources exposed her and her daughter to a world of medical issues during a time of great vulnerability. Out of this challenging time, her hair and skin care line, Completely Beautiful Naturals, was born.

As a medical assistant, she received the opportunity to bounce between specialties such as infectious disease, internal medicine, and urgent care. Though this profession fed her eagerness to help others, it taught her more about the holes in the medical industry and within many medical facilities. This pushed her to extend her own knowledge into the world of nutrition. As a nutritionist, she was able to validate a lot of the research she’s learned over the years. This ultimately pushed her to change her overall business scope, as a complete source for beauty and health. Over the years, she attended Everest, now NIT, to receive her medical assisting certificate, which is how she became a Medical Assistant. She graduated as one of the top students in her class at the time, while pregnant. She attended Full Sail University online, to receive her Bachelor’s in Science for the Music Business, which she uses as a major source for her business knowledge. She also attended Shaw Academy online where she received her nutritionist certificate.

In addition to steady research and consistent guidance from professionals, such as Lorraine Massey, Kimberly Snyder, Marie Forleo, and Dr. Sonja Stribling. She launched a new product in September 2022- the Natural Hair Care and Maintenance Training course, which is designed to educate individuals who are interested in the beauty industry. The sole purpose of this training is to have a platform readily available to empower individuals with the proper understanding of how health and beauty tie together, allowing their personal knowledge to come full circle and evolve. She is always eager to learn new things, help others, and continue to educate.


International Society of Female Professionals Member, Chauntaye Fayson, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

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