The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Camila Vidal


Camila Vidal is Chief Executive Officer of Bluecare. She is passionate about her work and credits her success to dedication, drive and perseverance.

A graduate of Universidad Desarrollo, Camila is a Business Engineer who is dedicated to learn and to contribute to the higher good. Some of her specialties include: Management, Leadership, Development, and Strategic Planning.

As CEO of Bluecare, she goes by this mission: “We rely on worldwide technological advances to create supports that deliver faster, simplified service and provide quality care to each of the people who need us.”

Bluecare was born in October 2016 as a result of a need of one of our founders, Francisca Sotomayor, in the public health systems of the country. Her idea of finding a solution to the quality and professionalism of the field, through innovation in the area of health. In November 2017, Camila Vidal joins as a partner, who brings a new vision, to bring people closer to the quality of care, through digital platforms and new tools in the market.

Both form a high quality team, which incorporates the knowledge of the health area and new popular trends, to develop a close business, and improve the quality of patient care. Aiming to improve and support the health / disease process through prevention, promotion and treatment of diseases, thus avoiding the re-admission of patients to hospital institutions for preventable causes. As a result, this frees up clinical beds to optimize the country’s health systems.

Supported by worldwide technological advances, these teams create supports to provide faster, simpler and better quality service to each and every Chilean. The team at Bluecare is inspired by finding a solution to the quality and professionalism of the industry, through innovation in the health area, as well as bringing people closer to the quality of care through digital platforms and new tools that are constantly appearing in the market.

The offer a high quality team, all of whom incorporate the knowledge of healthcare and new trends, developing a close company that is focused on improving patient care.

Camila and the Bluecare team look forward to connecting with likeminded professionals.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Camila Vidal, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

Camila Vidal