The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Anne-Raissa YACE


Anne-Raissa YACE is Deputy Financial Controller for BOUYGUES UK. As the acting Finance Lead for a charity, she is a very successful Financial Controller at a multinational construction business.

She has a demonstrated history of working in the construction & financial services industries. Skilled in Business Planning, Management, Business Intelligence, Risk Management, Finance and Control and Business Process Improvement.


As a financial controller for a multinational construction business, she works in a site-based, male-dominated industry. She brings confidence to an industry where women are not accepted and recognized for what they could bring in the organisation.


She also leads a coaching/training group within her company. She takes people from the start of their career and gives them support, and encourages them in the learning process to go from point A to point B, so they can be proud of what they have achieved. She realized that the passion for her work and the coaching/training group she runs within the company had brought her much respect and admiration.


She is also the Finance Lead and board member of an honour-based abused charity where she directs, develops and monitors a long-term financial strategy. She contributes strongly to crucial decisions on financial priorities, resource allocation, risk management. It is her passion to help people live a life of their own choosing. She believes it is unacceptable today to be forced into a life that goes against your own values.


She is very passionate about Women’s Empowerment, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, and she is well known for her leadership, emotional intelligence, and commitment to helping others thrive. Her vision for the future is to expand her role as financial controller and continue her mentoring and coaching. She is fluent in French, English and Spanish.


International Society of Female Professionals Member Anne-Raissa YACE can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.