The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Anita Jeter-Peterkin

Anita Jeter-Peterkin is an author, poet, speaker and artist based in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. A compelling storyteller dedicated to capturing life at its fullest, she has converted the momentum behind her body of work into the I AM… movement, inspired by her book of the same name.
As the author of Wrapped-N-Pink: A Poetic Story of Surviving Breast Cancer Through Fear, Faith, Trust and Hope, Anita captured her own struggle and journey through breast cancer. Diagnosed at the age of 22, she was not expected to survive the year and beat all the odds; today, there is not one day she takes for granted. In 2007, Anita founded the company Wrapped-N-Pink, to promote breast cancer awareness to women throughout the community. She offers speaking engagements, crafts, a one-woman monologue and modern dance. Wrapped-N-Pink also promotes creative writing through books and poetry. Recognizing the importance of connection, each year Anita hosts an Annual Mother’s Day Giveaway for breast cancer survivors.
Anita holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marketing and Related Support Services from Colorado University and went on to earn an MBA. Currently, she is working toward completing her PhD.
In addition to running Wrapped-N-Pink, she is Gallerist at Internal Instincts Creations, an online art gallery that specializes in abstract and dirty pour artwork. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren, and can be found at spoken work events. She credits her success to passion, focus and perseverance.
International Society of Female Professionals Member Anita Jeter-Peterkin can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.

Works by Anita Jeter-Peterkin:

Wrapped-N-Pink…A story of surviving breast cancer through fear, faith, belief and trust.
A Moment of Thoughts…A collection of poetry
I AM…A guide to positivity by using affirmations.
Collaboration-The Uncuffed Anthology
Collaboration-Through the Fire

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