The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Amie Reiman

Amie Reiman spent over a decade in the marketing world, then took a leap of faith in a mission to advocate health & wellness as well and to rid the stigmas surrounding cannabinoid therapies to parents, workers and families in need. A true connector compassionately at heart, she has been working to create an educational, virtual services and resource based, holistic health platform raised from personal experiences and connectivity in the health/cannabis space through her corporation, Hip Lives @hiplives (“HIP” an acronym for “Health in Progress”), the lateral message of “Healing in Plants” resounding from personal testimony within social channels @my.hiplife.
She recently launched the Hip United product line in Spring 2021 with a concentration towards women’s health. The 8 top selling formulations available in the US market through also has a niche in the sexual health sector with CBD enhancements for both men and women.  She has a line of beauty cosmeceuticals also set to launch in Q1 2022 with beauty trials now underway. In addition, she founded Eve’s Collective in early 2021, thanks to the supportive network of women encouraging and fostering her confidence to bring all the growing ideas together. Eve’s Collective, a division of Hip Lives, concentrates on the collaborations undeniably possible through the power of female dominated businesses and leaders across the globe as they “grow together as one.”
Amie truly supports women’s lifestyles, infused with cannabis and hosts events available to females, released weekly through this nontraditional, virtually experiential showcase. Eve’s Collective provides a social club to women featuring content featuring industry experts, top physicians, career and life coaches, interactive workshops, entrepreneur testimonials, brand and cooking demonstrations, entertainers, media partners with pop up live events and a monthly networking night featuring surprise guests.  Amie welcomes women in the holistic wellness space to reach out for presenter and demo opportunities to share with audiences growing across the platform rapidly.
Amie holds an associates degree, and has been lauded as Canada’s Top 100 Business Professionals, via the Top 100 Magazine. She was also awarded one of the 15 Most Dynamic Entrepreneurs 2020 through Exeleon Magazine, received the Corporate Excellence Award for Most Influential Business & Health Consultant 2020 in Ontario, featured in CIO’s Woman Entrepreneurs in Business edition January 2021, featured in Perseverant Entrepreneurs through Mirror Review and advertising published in August 2021, and awarded 2021’s Networking Woman of the Year at the Woman in Cannabis Expo, held in Reno, Nevada Sept 2021. She earned Honourable Feature in the Ganja Goddesses 2022 Women in Cannabis Expo Calendar (June 2022).
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