The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Abbi Jones


Abbi Jones is the founder and CEO of Medpaper and the inventor of its flagship product: Eco•pi. She is passionate about disrupting the industry to provide a more comfortable and sustainable patient experience and credits her success to the drive, perseverance, and support she had while creating her own business.

Medpaper launched with its flagship product, Eco•pi: a one-time use paper funnel that assists anyone, including women, children, elderly and disabled patients, in leaving a medical urine sample in a cleaner and more dignified way. As a mom of three, Abbi knew the struggle firsthand for pregnant women using the outdated cup collecting method. But when she became a pharmaceutical professional, she realized leaving a urine sample was a disaster for people of all ages, sizes, genders and levels of disability. Thus, she created Medpaper, specializing in using paper products to disrupt the industry in a more sustainable way.

Her dynamic professional background has shaped her unique perspective in the entrepreneur world. She started out as a science teacher, and later switched to a career in sales that helped businesses with their payroll and tax needs. She followed her passion for sales into the pharmaceutical industry, where she proudly worked for six years and was a consistent top performer in her field. She began the process of developing Eco•pi while working to support her family, and eventually made the decision to launch and run Medpaper full-time. Her products are already in hospitals and doctor’s offices all over the country and they are quickly picking up steam. Abbi is passionate about working with female aspiring entrepreneurs and sharing the knowledge she’s gleaned with women who might also be considering starting their own businesses.

Abbi Jones can be found in the Association Directory of the International Society of Female Professionals Members and is happy to connect with other female professionals and entrepreneurs.


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