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  • Title : Classical Singer, Vocal Coach, and Nutrition Coach

    Company Name: Simona Mango

    Industry : Performing Arts

    Location : Malaga,Spain

    Specialty : Classical Singing, Classical Vocal Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, and Mindset Coaching for Performing Artists

    Biography :

    Simona Mango is a Classical Singer and Vocal Coach, as well as a Nutrition Coach with a holistic approach to life, art, and health.
    She helps performing artists, and especially opera singers, develop their full vocal potential, as well as good health and a positive mindset.

    Her motto is “a fabulous voice in a fabulous body”.
    A fabulous voice is a healthy voice, that is technically flawless, and that has the stamina and all the necessary colours for the singer to fully express their artistry. A voice that they love. A singer has to love their own voice.

    And a fabulous body is a healthy body, that is able to do what the artist requires from it, that they feel good in and good about. A body that they love. A performing artist has to love their own body.

    As a performing artist, your voice and your body are such huge parts of who you are. Both can make you happy or miserable.

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