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 Renowned Educator and Autism Advocate, Rita Miceli, Shares Her Inspirational Journey in ‘GIACI AND ME: A Mother’s Journey of Loving and Raising an Autistic Child’

Windsor, Ontario – Rita Miceli, a stalwart in the field of education with over three decades of experience and a passionate advocate for autism awareness, has recently contributed to the international bestseller, Ambitious Women Rise: The Amazing Stories of Women Overcoming Obstacles and Creating the Life of Their Dreams. Miceli’s profound dedication to the autism community is reflected in her role as a professor in the Autism and Behavioural Science Graduate Program at St. Clair College and her past presidency of Autism Ontario’s Windsor/Essex Chapter. Her impactful journey alongside her family has been spotlighted in prominent media outlets including The Drive Magazine, CTV News, and CBC National News.

Miceli’s latest endeavor, GIACI AND ME: A Mother’s Journey of Loving and Raising an Autistic Child’, encapsulates her personal journey raising her son Giaci, who was diagnosed with autism. Through poignant narrative and heartfelt reflections, Miceli shares the challenges, triumphs, and invaluable lessons learned throughout her son’s developmental stages, from childhood to adolescence and beyond. This memoir serves as a beacon of hope and guidance for parents navigating similar paths, reassuring them that they are not alone in their journey.

Moreover, Miceli’s family, including Giaci and his sisters, has amassed over a half-million followers on TikTok, where they passionately advocate for autism awareness and celebrate the joys of Giaci’s life.

In her book, Miceli presents a heartfelt narrative that delves into her innermost thoughts, fears, and realizations, offering a vital resource for caregivers and families touched by autism. Her memoir not only provides insight into her personal journey but also offers practical guidance and emotional support to those traversing similar paths.


Reviews of “Giaci and Me”:

  • Dr. Temple Grandin, Distinguished Professor and author of Thinking in Pictures: “Rita Miceli teaches us that autism cannot be cured, but it can be worked with.”
  • Karen Simmons, CEO and Founder of Autism Today Foundation: “A MUST READ for all autism families dealing with acceptance, spirituality, cultural dynamics, and love of family.”
  • Lynn McLaughlin, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Author: “A celebration of resilience and love, serving as both inspiration and enlightenment.”
  • Dr. Elizabeth M. Starr, Professor Emerita, University of Windsor: “Provides both perspective and guidance for families, not in ‘overcoming’ autism, but in living ‘with’ autism and finding joy.”
  • Dr. Francisco J. Barrera, Certified Psychologist: “A wonderful read, documenting the triumphs and challenges of autism treatment and parental advocacy.”

 About Rita Miceli: Rita Miceli is a distinguished educator with a rich background spanning over 30 years. She currently serves as a professor in the Autism and Behavioural Science Graduate Program at St. Clair College and is renowned for her advocacy work within the autism community. Miceli is the past president of Autism Ontario’s Windsor/Essex Chapter and has contributed to various publications addressing special needs and autism-related topics. Her dedication to raising awareness and providing support to families affected by autism is evident in her profound memoir.

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