New-York Speaker and Technology Leader, Kelenda Allen-James Open Books for Speaking Engagements and Events

Kelenda Allen-James is a missions-oriented, New York-based technology specialist, leader, and speaker, spreading the critical awareness of diversity in technology. As a speaker, Kelenda delights her audience with topics on professional development, women in technology, people of color in technology, and the importance of pursuing STEM careers for young people. She is available for bookings for your next communal event.

Kelenda has made a significant impact as a technology speaker, director of information technology at Commonpoint Queens, Technology Support Manager at St HOPE Leadership Academy, Network and Support Administrator for Ramaz School, and IT Support Specialist at Birch Family Services. Diversity in technology is what Kelenda believes is one of the top actions we need to expand and empower technology in our communities and the world.

She said, “Many people fear technology or feel self-conscious that they are not using technology at the same rate as others. I like to let people know that there is an entry point for each person. I
like to leave the people that I work with empowered!”

“Representation matters. Growing up, I did not see people like me [in technology], and I want to be whom I did not see.

Kelenda has 20 years of experience, has supported 1000 plus end-users, and has given over 60 speeches, including Touro College Graduate School of Technology, Centre College, Startup Weekend Edu Taipai, International Student Services Association, The Nonprofit Technology Conference, and International Association of Women: Inspirational Influencer Summit.She said, “To succeed and move forward as a community, diversity in technology is what we need.”

Now is the time to reserve Kelenda Allen-James to speak at your school, business, or engagement. Her passion and experience precede her. To learn more about how you can partner with Kelenda, see her contact information below.

Kelenda Allen-James
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