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    • Title : Managing Director

      Company Name: International Vocal Competition 's-Hertogenbosch

      Industry : Performing Arts

    • Location : Hilversum,Netherlands

      Specialty : Music; Performing Arts; Singing; Festivals; Classical; Opera; Vocal; Music Education; Chamber Music; Composition; Recording; Music Theory

    Biography :

    Annett Andriesen is the Managing Director of the International Vocal Competitions at Hertogenbosch. She has been the artistic and financial director of the International Vocal Competition for nine years. The International Vocal Competition’s Hertogenbosch (IVC) was founded in 1954 and is the sole classical vocal competition in the Netherlands that involves oratorio and art song […]

    • Title : Professional Accountant

      Company Name: Self

      Industry : Accounting

    • Location : Victoria,Canada

      Specialty : Financial Analysis; Accounting; Corporate Direction; Financial Advisement;

    Biography :

    Ida Chong, FCPA is a Professional Accountant. She has been in her current role for 3 years and has 20 years of overall experience. Her responsibilities include providing financial advice and analysis. Ida was previously an elected official on the municipal level and four consecutive terms at the provincial level, cabinet Minister across ten different […]

    • Title : Founder

      Company Name: Lulu Dragonfly

      Industry : Internet

    • Location : Paris,France

      Specialty : Leadership; Entrepreneurship; Brand Strategy; Strategic Communications; Marketing Strategy; Market Research; Business Coaching; International Finance; Hospitality Marketing; Entrepreneurship

    Biography :

    Lucile Reimonenq is the Founder of Lulu Dragonfly. Her website offers a platform for women seeking to achieve balance between their personal and professional life. Previously she has worked as a Marketing and Communication Consultant. Lucile received her Master Certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University, and her Master Certificate in Systems Design and Project […]

    • Title : Realtor

      Company Name: Keller Williams Premier Realty

      Industry : Real Estate

    • Location : Farmington,MN,United States

      Specialty : Event Management; Public Speaking; Customer Service; Recruiting; Volunteer Management; Budgets; Leadership Development; Real Estate; Economics; Client Management; Executive Office Management; Public Speaking

    Biography :

    Laura Rand is the Realtor for Keller Williams Premier Realty. She has worked for most of her life in the Non-Profit world, and currently still serves on several Boards. Laura recently made a career change and got her Real Estate degree. One of the reasons for this career change, was so she would not have […]

    • Title : Investigator

      Company Name: University of Health Science Nursing Center

      Industry : Hospital & Health Care

    • Location : Houston,TX,United States

      Specialty : Health Care; Recruiting; Management; Customer Service; Healthcare Management; Healthcare Administration; Investigation; Student Lecturing; Public Speaking

    Biography :

    Ngoc Huong Thi Tang is an investigator at the University of Health Science Nursing Center. She has a PHD in Healthcare Management and Administration from Capella University and is a member of the National Institute of Health. Ngoc finds great reward in helping to improve the quality of life in her patients. She is proud […]

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