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    • Title : Online Entrepreneur

      Company Name: Caroline Lovell

    • Location : United Kingdom

      Specialty : Fashion, Business Owner, Manufacturing

    Biography :

    Caroline Lovell is a highly sought-after online entrepreneur in the Personal Development industry. She focuses on empowering people to achieve success for themselves by teaching them how to run an online business. The Personal Development business gives people a purpose and meaning in life Caroline worked for over forty years in the fashion industry. She […]

    • Title : Empowerment Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker

      Company Name: Mindfulness With Mahara

    • Location : Beaumont,Canada

      Specialty : Empowerment Coach

    Biography :

    Mahara Wayman has over 10 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, working for a global company, helping people transform their lives. Today, she is the Chief Gratitude Officer and CEO of Mindfulness With Mahara. She is also the author of “Essential Insights To Living Your Best Life.”

    • Title : Associate Professor

      Company Name: Texas Tech University

      Industry : Education

    • Location : Getzville,NY,United States

      Specialty : Literacy education.

    Biography :

    Julie loves to read young adult literature, fantasy, and science fiction. She also likes commenting on really bad movies.

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