Co-founder/Owner Kim Sheppard with Partner, Wayne Goulden


Floral Frog was borne out of the need to assist florists in working smarter and more efficiently with software that would increase productivity and allow florists to do what they do best! – make floral arrangements

The florist industry is very antiquated when it comes to technology and Kim’s partner is a Network Design Artchitect by trade. Together with Kims 20 years as a florist and Wayne’s intensive knowledge of IT, a fabulous, user friendly POS and Complete Florist Management System was built.

6 years in the making and today, Kim and Wayne have something to be proud of. It has been a long road and a huge learning curve but we are proud to be able to say that we have more features than any other florist Specific software today. We are affordable, adaptable and scalable with our intensive knowledge of networks.

We are all self funded and have no investors or outside support.

We are the ONLY florist only software in the UK that can offer bookkeeping, automatic Vat Completion and HMRC Making Tax digital amongst all the other regular features of software.

The software really is a “game changer” for the serious florist and will give their business the competitive edge all whilst offering a total professional look to the customer.

We continue to enhance the software week on week albeit software development is a huge and slow job to ensure that everything is perfect and will continue to do so to make it the best. We have users in Dubai, Australia, Ireland and UK and the software can be used in any English speaking country as we can adapt sales tax and currencies.

There are much more exciting times ahead for Floral Frog, watch this space: