The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Tish Cook

Tish Cook is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Money with Tish & Associates, a firm based out of Texas offering a holistic approach and personal touch to financial planning and wealth building. She is a financial literacy advocate and pioneer for women in business.
Tish and her associates help transform lives and equip clients with strategies to long-term planning for individuals, families, and businesses. They provide a consummate range of services across tax-advantaged strategic investments, retirement planning, business strategies, college funds and more, offering their seasoned perspective and experience, while helping clients in a flexible setting.
Passionate about providing life-changing financial education to millions of families and businesses, Tish is proud to enable clients to make their money work harder for them, as well as gain the peace of mind that comes with having a guaranteed protection from loss in down markets. Through years of experience and education, Tish guides her clients through the same concepts and strategies that have been used by the banking systems, corporations, and the wealthy elite for generations.
Outside of running her company, Tish is a busy wife and mother. In addition to the International Society of Female Professionals, she is also a member of the Success Society within Pinnacle Elite. She recognizes that “knowledge is power but only when it is applied.”
International Society of Female Professionals Member Tish Cook can be found in the Association Directory and at, where she is looking forward to connecting with you.