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  • Title : President and CE0

    Company Name: Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada

    Industry : Executive Office

    Location : Toronto,ON,Canada

    Specialty : Strategic Communications; Strategic Planning; Public Policy; Leadership Management; Project Management; Internal Communications; Stakeholder Management; Executive Business Analysis; Advertising; Public Relations Management; Risk Management; Negotiations; Contractual Negotiations

    Biography :

    Denise Carpenter is an experienced senior business executive with demonstrated expertise in strategic planning, public policy, leadership development and change management. She was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Association of Chain Drug Stores (CACDS), now known as the Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association of Canada, in January 2013. Neighbourhood Pharmacies is the strong […]

  • Title : Entrepreneur

    Company Name: Arts of Change

    Location : Oslo,Norway

    Specialty : Marketing Management; Project Management; Change Management, Entrepreneurship; Consulting; PR Management and Innovation

    Biography :

    Elisabeth Margrethe Giertsen Halle serves as CEO for Arts of Change, a consulting organizations that serves the film, television, and creative community in the area of marketing and PR. In addition to her work with Arts of Change, Elisabeth serves as CEO of Locations in Norway, a location scouting company serving the Norway and global […]

  • Title : CFO / Co-Founder

    Company Name: 2ZET AG

    Industry : Management Consulting

    Location : Frauenfeld,Switzerland

    Specialty : Financial Analysis; Executive Business Analysis; Executive Budget Analysis; Strategic Planning; Strategic Business Operations; Change Management; Development; Corporate Finance

    Biography :

    Liselotte Züllig is CFO of 2ZET AG, an engineering and financial management company. Liselotte brings requisite knowledge, skills and experience gained from over 30 years of successful work in various roles. When she’s not working, she enjoys playing the flute, skiing and traveling. Liselotte has a Certificate in Corporate Governance from HSG University of St. […]

  • Title : Counselor in Family Organisational Regressive Constellations

    Company Name: Lucia Petroni - Counselor in Family Organisational Regressive Constellations

    Location : Florence,Italy

    Specialty : Systemic ConstellationsCounselingPast Life RegressionDentosophieMarketingProduct DevelopmentTeam Building

    Biography :

    Lucia Petroni is armed with a passion for relationships in life and work, where professional and personal experiences intertwine to become one unique system at work. A long experience as a Product Manager for international brands and companies throughout Italy, Europe, USA and Asia, and a SICOOL Accredited Counsellor, Professional Trainer and Supervisor in holistic […]

  • Title : Chief, Human Resources

    Company Name: ECLAC

    Location : Chile

    Specialty : Human Resources

    Biography :

    Gisella Yaksetig is the Chief of Human Resources at ECLAC. With over eighteen years of experience, Gisella is best known for her expertise in human resources. In her current role, Gisella works with the United Nations, amongst other agencies and she is responsible for managing payroll, hiring staff, consulting and research. In 2003, Gisella completed […]

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