Member Of The Year

  • Title : Senior Spanish Lecturer

    Company Name: Bermuda College

    Location : Bermuda

    Specialty : Educational Advisory Educational Leadership Change Management Organizational culture and development

    Biography :

    Dr. Andrea Lightbourne-Webster has over 25 years of experience in her field. As Senior Spanish Lecturer of Bermuda College, she scheduled classes and advises students in direction for future enrollment. She knew she always wanted to be a teacher, and followed in the footsteps of her mother and aunt, who were also teachers, and he sister, who was an administrator.

    Andrea launched her career as a teacher at her former high school, where she was promoted to become the head of her department. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature, and received her master’s degree in Education. Andrea holds a PhD in Educational Leadership from the University of Arizona and is a member of the Association for Foreign Language Chair Academy.

    Andrea wrote a book chronicling her uncle’s life, and was recognized by the Queen in Bermuda. She won first place as Toast Master of the Year, and is proud to have overcome obstacles and agendas that did not align with her goals. Looking ahead, she is getting getting ready to come into her retirement and considers herself a person with strong core values. She founded Light House Ministry, and plans to grow her activities in this area, doing seminars based on the needs of her community. She credits her success to having a strong personal foundation.

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