The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Maria Nebres


Maria Nebres is a dynamic entrepreneur and seasoned human resources practitioner, drawing on over twenty-five years of comprehensive human resources experience and gained insights in human potential development and growth. Maria’s facilitation specialty focuses on helping at various levels: at the professional level for leaders and teams development performing under high workplace change conditions such as mergers, acquisitions and business growth expansions; and at the individual level for personal leadership, growth, development and mindset transformation. With her strong belief that sustaining success in anything starts and permeates from within, Maria brings substantial experience in the collaborative design, delivery, facilitation, coaching and implementation of people-centered programs for success management. For over thirteen of her twenty-five years in her profession, she has run her own HR consulting business, MPCS Inc., where she has proven to help businesses and individuals, through her passion “to help others to show up in their vigorous love for life because they live life by deliberate design and not by default”.

Maria’s deliberate design of her career gained her a clear and focused track to success momentum and helping others, despite her own life challenges faced. Her own personal journey overcoming abuse, toxic relationships and health struggles ultimately inspired her to learn from her darkest moments and transform her lessons into valuable skills and services she applies and shares in her thriving business, in her promotion of healthy relationships, and in modeling passion and drive for creative solutions to taking action for positive results.

Maria is founder, HR Business Partner/Director-Facilitator-Speaker of MPCS Inc. for her HR corporate clients in their human resources management needs; and is also founder-Facilitator-Speaker-Trainer of The Factor Of Corporation which provides an additional line of service offering, dedicated to one’s ongoing personal leadership development, growth, and related mindset transformation. Based out of Toronto, Canada, she is proud to provide both corporate and individual clients with a complementary suite of transformative services to existing clients across sectors/industries such as the general public, healthcare, financial services, pharmaceutical, translation services, high-tech, research & development, and management consulting sectors.

After earning her bachelor of art’s degree in Sociology and English from the University of Western Ontario, Maria launched her career in talent acquisition. Quickly establishing herself as a rising talent in the field of human resources , Maria’s earlier HR career was cultivated by employers such as CIBC Finance Inc. and CIBC Group of Companies for several years, where she was awarded the President’s Award for Entrepreneurial Spirit, and bonus for performance, year over year; and achieving the Top Performer Award as Senior Human Resources Associate for Leitch Technology International INC Today, Maria continues her inspiration for helping others through her business, with a seasoned expertise to awaken and inspire the human potential spirit with her bold mission statement: “To help enable and inspire people to act from their source of empowerment for reaching their greatest heights of success and fulfillment in what matters most to them – personally and professionally – and within the context of love, connection, and joy.”