The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Margot Hirsemann

Margot Hirsemann is the Founder, Managing Director and Owner of TBV Techno Consult GmbH, a firm that distributes security technologies to public institutions, specializing in protective equipment and safety equipment. Offering state of the art technology in bomb-protection, handling and defusing techniques, they are known for a wide range of remote control vehicles and special transport containers, as well as bomb protection suits, closed vessels for explosives, remote controlled robots and water jet disrupters.
Having founded TBV Techno Consult in 2008, Margot has built her brand on providing reliable and secure support to state institutions including police, border police, armed forces, airport and seaports. She also offers special services in training and product maintenance.
What inspired Margot to open her own business was starting a family. She sought a balanced life, and she knew that owning her own business would open up the freedom and flexibility to accomplish this.
A resident of Erfurt, Germany, Margot speaks fluent English and German. Outside of work she enjoys sports, conservation efforts and going to the beach. She holds a degree in Economics and Management from the University of Economics in Berlin Karlshorst.
The International Society of Female Professionals Member of the Year Margot Hirsemann can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.