The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Silvia Revenco


Silvia Revenco is a Wellness Coach and Self-love Activator helping over-achieving stressed out women to radically uplevel their self-care and self-love, heal their body, mind and soul, so they unleash the Goddess within, feel radiant, full of energy, and confident to take up space and be heard.

She works closely with her clients to help them get the information, inspiration and guidance they need to make their wellbeing and happiness a priority and take the steps towards making their dreams a reality. After overcoming sugar, fast-food addictions, toxic relationships, and workaholism stemming from years of low self-worth, self-abuse and self-neglect, she turned her life around, broke free from toxic habits, lost the weight, found her purpose, and got engaged to the love of her life.

Her methodology involves removing physical and emotional toxicity, and adding in nourishing foods, herbs and practices to support and heal the body and the soul. The process includes expressing past emotions, releasing anger and sadness, forgiveness, and helping her clients fill themselves up with love, expressed through self-care, acknowledging and expressing all emotions, clear communication of their needs and desires, getting clear on what they want to create, and installing new powerful beliefs supported by daily habits.

Silvia’s signature program is Unleash Your Inner Goddess which includes:

► Group or one-on-one wellness and mindset coaching

► Nutrition and fitness guidance

► Releasing past pain and subsconscious beliefs

► Wellness classes and workshops

She looks forward to connecting with likeminded professionals, and helping others create a life of more pleasure, ease and inner peace that they love to wake up to every day.

International Society of Female Professionals Member, Silvia Revenco, can be found on the Association Directory, where she is looking forward to networking with you.