The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes Emma Lo

Emma Lo is the Director of Customer Success for MaxSold, one of North America’s fastest-growing online auction marketplaces. At MaxSold, she develops B2B support processes, marketing, and the customer success team and is responsible for building and maintaining partner relationships. She was instrumental in launching MaxSold’s first Seller Portal, a customer-centric interface for sellers.

Putting people first has always been part of Emma’s ambition, but realizing how important engaging with people would take some time.

As a young girl, Emma dreamt of being a scientist for a well-known medical center. She wanted to solve some of the biggest problems facing humanity and lead young scientists in the lab, publish articles, and ultimately develop the next big cancer drug. Emma followed that dream a long way. She received a B.Sc in Medical Technology from National Cheng Kung University and an M.Sc in Medical Technology from the National University of Taiwan, the country of her birth. Her goals led her to study for her Doctorate in Molecular Medicine at Queens’ University in Canada.

Even in her academic pursuits, she gravitated toward human interaction through teaching and extracurriculars. And what she enjoyed most was the possibility of seeing the direct impact of how she could improve people’s lives.

For Emma, the piece of the puzzle that was missing came not from her academic work but through the inspiration she found working closely with sellers at her part-time job as a photographer at MaxSold. It was there that her purpose- and people-driven mindset soared and she noticed how much she enjoyed the company’s customer-focused approach to solving problems. She realized she wanted more of that in her working life.

As part of the founding team of MaxSold, she has helped the company grow from its infancy through a recent Series B funding round, becoming North America’s largest downsizing and estate service platform, making growth ranking three years in a row.

In many ways, Emma is still a scientist: she solves problems and faces challenges with a scientist’s precision and rigor. And she is still passionate about putting human well-being at the heart of what she does. Much like when she was working on cancer therapeutics, Emma dives courageously into big problems and solves them with impactful processes, technology, and cross-department collaborations. MaxSold, allows her to connect her values to the larger project of keeping usable items out of the landfill and helping sellers resell items they no longer want or need. That purpose, and the fact that so many people still face the challenges of downsizing and settling estates without a tool like MaxSold, keeps her motivated, engaged, and focused on improving and growing the company.

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