The International Society of Female Professionals Recognizes E’Loise T. Wallace


My name is E’Loise T. Wallace. I am the owner of a home based business that allows me to earn eight different types of income. One source of income is from my travel business which is the largest industry in the world. As a travel merchant, I can earn 70% – 80% commission by selling Independent Travel agencies (‘ITA.”). The marketing side of my business allows me to earn seven additional sources of income. By marketing my product, I earn leverage and residual income. My income earning opportunities are unlimited. Once I become a Director, I feel secure in knowing that my company has a “marketing pledge” that in the event of my death, the income I have earned will outlast me. My family will still receive my weekly commissions, Director Pay, Director Bonuses and monthly residual income. My travel business is recognized by every major travel supplier, including all-inclusive resorts, and hotel brands, cruise lines, vacation companies, airline and entertainment tickets, car rental. This is  an international business and, we have partnered with the largest tour operators around the world. This business is rewarding! It’s social! It’s fun!


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